Ett nödrop


Ett NÖDROP från Tim Tom Infant schools rektor Betty som ständigt hållet mig uppdaterad om hur Covid 19 pandemin påverkar våra familjer på TimTom rapporterar... Hello MalinHow are you and all our friends in Sweden?Here everything is Closed down. Familys are starving with there children in theres homeHomes tretment for other sickines Can't offerd. House rent is also a big problem most of the familys renting do the way of living in Katwe is very very hade. One of the school shildren fell sick witheout taken to the hospital. The Mother tried to by some drogs from the store but the children did not cure. The boy culd not walk with the very high Fever with a swolen body. After unlocking vehicles, I went back home and the Mother come to me with the boy and we take him to the pediatric doktor. After the examination the doctor tolde us that he was suffering from malnutrition which the Mother accepted because she was no longer working she is a singel Mother and she had no way of going back her home village. She told us to bring food to her children from a small resturant where she was washing plates but now they had Closed for the Covid 19. I help the Mother to by the drogs to the boy and give Here and her 3 children transport back to her home villidge.DU KAN VAR MED BETTY ATT HJÄLPA